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truly unique

we're excited to provide our fans with a truly unique experience unlike anything they've ever seen. fans will find twins xr to be an engaging, intuitive, and novel way to connect with twins history alongside other fans that share their love of baseball.
chris isles - minnesota twins

f'n dope

quote from friends of the falls
friends of the falls

very interesting

the experience went very well! we are very happy with the outcome. the post-experience discussion was very good, and it was very interesting to see how much people had learned, how they had engaged with the content & the space, and what their takeaways were. our president/svp said he'd like to understand how we could roll this out more broadly within our organization, and asked us to come up with what a plan would look like.
ERG lead - target corporation

amazing space

What an amazing space to connect with people from all over the world. Everyone loves Twitter spaces these days. This is just like that but way better
Mike wood